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Monday, March 9, 2015

So What's Coming Up...

Got a couple of events coming case you haven't checked out the new author website (as you should! Go to before you do any other single solitary thing!) here's what's on the plate for the month of March:

Author School Visit to Moore Middle School
March 12 @ 10:00 am
Moore Middle School 
1221 Lawrenceville Highway, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Author School Visit to Gainesville Middle School
March 19 @ 11:00 am
Gainesville Middle School
1581 Community Way, Gainesville, GA 30501

Looking forward to talking to the students and sharing a little bit about mythology, stories, writing, and creativity. Should be fun!

And in the next week or so, I'll be doing a chat on Twitter, so here's your chance to ask me anything you want: about writing, about upcoming conventions, about lasagna, about narwhals, about Five Nights at Freddy's game theories (because everyone has one, apparently)...

I would love to chat with you, so stay tuned for the time and date!

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