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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Sphinx's Day at DragonCon 2014

I've never been to DragonCon on a Saturday, and wooooooooooooooooo... what a day... quick breakdown of the day:

8:15 am: Arrived in Atlanta, parked at Peachtree Center (willing to pay the extra to park nearby than go hunting way off for a cheaper spot), made way to the registration line outside the Sheraton. Had to walk 3 or 4 blocks just to find the end of the line. Thankfully, the line moved quickly that time of day. Unfortunately lost my tail at some point in line.

8:45 am: Got attendee badge and looked over map of con. Realizing that not only was the con spread out among four hotels, the vendors were in a separate section this year at AmerisMart. Decided to head over to the Marriott which connects directly to the Hyatt and Hilton

10:00 am: Dave and I sat in on the filmmakers' meet-and-greet meeting, despite not having a film in the DragonCon film festival. But met some nice people and Dave got to pass around his info card.

11:00 am: Checked out the sword armory (I was asked by the young lady overseeing the room to stand in the middle of the room away from everything so my wings would not knock anything down.) Also checked out the historical guns/military weapons exhibit next door, where they did not mind my wings because, as they said, "Your wings are more likely to get messed up than the guns."

11:30 am: Brief snack-lunch at the Hyatt. Shocked to find line for the ladies' room was not a mile long.

12:00 pm: Checked out the Artists Alley/Art Show. Ran into the wonderful people at Mystic Reflections, who we met at Sci-fi Summer Con last June. Saw some awesome artwork, chatted with some comic book artists, hit more people with my wings.

1:30 pm: Visited the Walk of Fame, where many of the invited celebrity guests were stationed. Kind of made me sad to realize I didn't recognize half of them, but Dave and I got to meet and talk to two cast members from our all-time favorite TV show: Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Forrester/Crow T. Robot) and Frank Conniff ("TV's Frank") from Mystery Science Theater 3000! Nicest guys I have ever met. So super, they even accepted two copies of my book that I offered as a gift. They may not read it, but Frank asked me to sign his copy :) Naturally, got autographed pictures from both of them.

3:00 pm: I rested my barking feet while David waited in line to see Galaxy of the Guardian's director James Gann. Unfortunately, the line was so long, Dave ducked out before he could meet him to be sure he was at my author panel.*

*side note: We past by the line for folks to take pictures with Patrick Stewart, which had its own private area. The line snaked through literally four connected rooms, and that wasn't even to get his autograph. Just a photo with him. The line to see Cary Elwes to get a signed copy of his new book was also a massive line, probably a 1-1.5 hour wait.

4:00 pm: Author Panel "Kissing optional: Is Romance Necessary in YA?" Was well attended and went very well. Met authors Delilah S. Daweon, Shaun Hutchinson, and also DragonCon moderators Lil Watson and Alexa Donne. Got to share my book cards and left some for attendees to pick up at the info table. Thank you to Bev Kodak for allowing me to participate!

5:30 pm: After the panel went overtime, Dave and I both conceded to exhaustion and made our way home. Ordered pizza.

Good day overall. Picture time!

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