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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Character Bio #8: Nyx

Name: Nyx

Age: ???

Origins: Primordial Night Goddess (Greece)

Family Line: Daughter of Chaos; Mother of Age, Sleep (Hypnos), Fate, Strife, and Death, as well as many others

Birthplace and Home: edge of the universe

Height: whatever she wants it to be

Weight: you don't ask a goddess these things

Nyx is one of the oldest gods in the universe; she is so powerful that all other gods fear her. Little is known about her, but one of her abilities involves sending out light-and-darkness-woven extensions of her being, called Shades, that manifest in mortal creatures and drain them of their most precious talents and gifts. Once the Shade has collected as much as it can, it returns to Nyx with the stolen talent, leaving its mortal host dead. Nyx has been sending out her Shades to infect many of the mythological realm's residents, but to what end? And how will her plans affect both the mythological world and the human world?

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