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Monday, November 19, 2012

Character Bio #7: Ptesan-Wi

Name: Ptesan-Wi, the White Calf Woman

Age: ???

Birthplace: the Great Plains of North America

Heritage: Native American, ties to the Lakota tribe

Height: 5' 6" in human form

Weight: depends

Unique abilities: spirit quest guide; supernatural abilities tied to natural elements

One of the most enigmatic figures that David comes across in his adventure, Ptesan-Wi is guardian of a very important artifact that David must collect in order to save the life of a close friend. The only problem is, no one knows for sure where to find Ptesan-wi when they need her, or how to confront her if they do. The Lakota tribe sees her as a sacred source of wisdom and guidance, but she can also be as wild and perilous as a thunderstorm.
What exactly Ptesan-wi is capable of is difficult to decipher, but only those whose spirits are innocent and open to accepting her guidance will seek what they are searching for--those seeking her for selfish purposes or only to gain her secret "riches" will certainly meet with their doom.

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