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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Character Bio #5: The Teumessian

Name: Nicolas Canidae Vulpini (Nico)
Age: ???
Heritage: descendent of the Teumessian Fox (Greece)
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Physical Characteristics: Human in form, with the exception of red fox-fur-colored hair, yellow eyes, and a fox tail
Unique abilities: Mirror Magic, Extremely high intelligence, Above average speed and agility, Curtain-crossing

Nico may appear to be an average, albeit arrogant man (although it’s hard to miss that fox tail peaking out the back) but don’t let his smooth, cool temperament fool you. Descended from the Teumessian Fox of Greek legend, his legacy is that he can never be caught by anyone who pursues him, thus he believes he can get away with anything. Since the Teumessian Fox and the first Sphinx were siblings, that makes Nico and the current Sphinx cousins, neither of which have any family love for the other. Nico, being extremely proud and vain, highly values his intellect and wit, and he must always challenge the Sphinx to a game of riddles any time they cross paths…and Nico hates, above all else, to lose.
While not being fond of anyone other than himself, Nico despises humans most of all. When David gets on his bad side, Nico shows just how dangerous and malicious he can be, seizing the opportunity to put not just David, but the Sphinx and her entire caravan in harm’s way. And what nasty secret is Nico hiding, that he seems to know why the Sphinx can no longer speak?

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