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Friday, November 9, 2012

Character Bio #2: The Sphinx

Name: The Sphinx (no given familiar name)
Age:  ???
Heritage: Grecian—family line descends from the Typhoon and the Drakaina
Height: 5’ 9” when standing on hind legs; about 3’ at the shoulder when on all fours
Weight: 250 lbs.
Physical Characteristics: Head of a woman, long dark hair and tanned skin; body of a lioness, golden-brown fur; dark violet feathered wings
Unique attributes: Can hypnotize or induce sleep with her gaze; her breath has soothing powers that instantly calm mortals; can access others’ dreams

Not much is known about the enigmatic Sphinx, other than what can be surmised from ancient texts about her species. Descending from the original Sphinx of Thebes in ancient Greece, she embodies much of the same characteristics, although she seems incapable of—or refrains from using—human speech. The leader of a traveling caravan of performing gypsies, the Sphinx looks after her “family” with intense loyalty while remaining unseen by the general public—at least in the human world. She has the ability to cross through the divide, known as the “Curtain,” that separates the human world from the hidden realm where many mythological residents, such as herself, now dwell.
Her intentions and motivations are cryptic, particularly when it comes to why she brings David into her caravan and allows him to see the “unseen” world of myth and legend. But there is a dark secret lying within the Sphinx, one that affects not only her own life but one that is part of a much larger web of danger that could encompass both her world and David’s…and David may be the key to helping her save everyone…

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