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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Visit the Dragon Writers Collective!

At CONjuration this past October, I met a pair of very friendly indie authors, Tom Bielawski (author of "A Tide of Shadows") and L.R.W. Lee (author of the Andy Smithson fantasy series). We got to talking and Tom invited me to join their collective of fantasy authors, appropriately names The Dragon Writers Collective.

Please check out their site and all the cool stuff they do! They have a free fantasy anthology on Amazon so you can get a taste of the fantastical worlds they create.

If you're a fantasy novel fanatic, this is the place to quench your thirst for excellent stories!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shout Out to "One Tiny Wish" Blog!

Thank you to Somdyuti Datta Ray for this review of "Shades of Nyx," She is a very sweet person--and an eclectic reader, which is always awesome!--and she posts a lot of fun things on her blog One Tiny Wish. Take a look:

One Tiny Wish

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Readers Favorite Gives The Scholar and the Sphinx a Favorable Review!

After waiting for nearly a year (I opted for a free review, which can take a while since it depends solely on what the book reviewers want to read), I finally got a review from Readers Favorite, and it was quite lovely. I think the reviewer sums up the book very well. Take a read!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back from CONjuration!

CONjuration was a great weekend of magic, fantasy pop culture, and awesome panels! This is the author event that I have sold the most books at (thus far) and met some very cool fellow authors. Plus one late night two-hour spontaneous game of Cards Against Humanity while drinking wine...I am officially corrupted...
I encourage everyone to go next year, when CONjuration will be Nov. 6-7 (I believe at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center again).
Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the weekend!

Jay and Katie Barber (authors who write under J.K. Barber) and family

Holy retro, Batman! I mean, Dave...

Fellow author Jonathan French and his adorable son Wyatt

Darin Bush, I and Amy Lee Strickland on the "Mythology Revamped" panel

Random tortoise. Because.

Monday, October 27, 2014

My First Radio Interview on WBCX 89.1!

I had my first radio interview about my book series and being an author on WBCX 89.1, "The Voice of Brenau" (the university radio station) here in Gainesville. It aired last Saturday, October 25 on the show called "Buzz 'n Beats."
Thank you to my husband David J. Cook for the interview. I think it went really well. Take a listen, there are some writing tips for those who want to break into the publishing business:

Come to CONjuration in Atlanta this Halloween Weekend!

A brand new fantasy convention is happening at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center this upcoming Halloween weekend, Oct. 31- Nov. 2!

CONjuration is where fans come together to celebrate everything MAGICAL! Pay tribute to the characters, stories and related theories and usage of magic in literature, fan fiction, movies and TV series. Geek out with some of your closest fandom friends and meet film, lit, art & theater actors, creators, authors, and fellow nerds who all love magic.

I'll be there along with some other great fantasy authors to sign and sell "The Scholar, the Sphinx and the Shades of Nyx" and host a couple of author panels about mythology, dragons, movies vs. the books they're based on, and more!

Visit to see which panels I am on, and learn more about the convention!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Universe Responds to a Heart that has turned Jade(d)

I found this to be such coincidental timing, right after I posted a blurb about my skepticism in helping others, that soon after the universe sends me a reminder of how necessary it is that we help someone in dire need of compassion.

I won't go into great detail, because I'm not trying to boast about doing a good deed. I mainly write this as a follow-up to my prior incredulity that a good deed is actually a good thing. Sometimes, our compassion and generosity may not be appreciated or used in the way we want by other people. But animals are an entirely different story.

Normally when I take walks, I have my headphones to my MP3 player jammed in my ears to tune out the noises around me. But on this particular day, I took a walk without them. And as I turn a corner at the end of the street, I hear a very soft mewing from somewhere nearby.

I look across the street and spot a cardboard box. My first thoughts were, "Oh, someone is giving away their cat, or maybe a mama cat is having kittens." So I cross the street and look inside. An adult black cat is lying in there with his (her) eyes closed, mewing very weakly. He doesn't turn his head to look at me, even when I say something to him, so I know something is not right.

I knock on the door of the nearest house, not wanting to make assumptions that this was a random stray cat, and the girl (I say girl, but really she was about eighteen, nineteen years old) who answered told me the brief story. The cat had been smacked by a car in front of her house and left for dead. The girl's family had, in fact, believed the cat was dead, but her fiance had put it in the box and gone to see if someone could do something about the cat.

I let her know that cat was indeed alive, and if she would call Animal Control, I would wait with the cat by the road--the poor woman was so frazzled by the whole incident, she couldn't even look at the cat (I don't blame her, it's rare for me to be able to look at a wounded animal without panicking). So I wait ten, fifteen, twenty minutes--no Animal Control. By now, the cat has regained consciousness, and looks up at me with bright green eyes.

Good, that means your neck isn't broken, I thought. But then I see the trail of blood oozing out of his mouth, and it's bad. Crap. The cat is bleeding internally, and who knows how long he's been lying here before I even walked up.

Not wanting to wait for Animal Control any longer, I flagged down a public works truck, since I figured the worker must know where the animal shelter is where the cat can get treatment. Bless him, the truck driver comes over and takes the cat, and when I called the animal shelter a few hours later, I was told the cat was getting medical treatment (but that was the extent of what they could tell me, since this wasn't my cat and they could only divulge details to his owners, if he has any).

I don't know if the cat survived or if his injuries were too great, but I can tell myself we got him care as quickly as we could, and that he wasn't just immediately put down or that he had to keep lying there in pain.

And I feel good about that.

So the universe does have strange ways of reminding us when our hearts get jaded about how we need to keep our eyes and ears open, because we can't help everyone but maybe you'll be there are the right place and time for someone who does need you.